The Scars of Apartheid – The Silent Killer (Floris Brown, Worcester Poet, Member of Worcester Hope and Reconciliation Process)

floris-brownSo much selfishness. So much hatred. So much revenge. How can we bring Restitution & Reconciliation  to South Africans if some hearts don’t even knows or understand what this is all about? Some minds still wandering off and stick to their “Heil Hitler!” ideas and ideologies.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s Welfare Taxes could not have come at a more appropriate time for Restitution & Reconciliation in South Africa. Testing the hearts of the evildoers during apartheid times. The legacy and hurts of apartheid. The hurts of bombings. The hurts of border killings still lives with us.  Restitution & Reconciliation can only become a success if it is explained and demonstrated to all South Africans. In every little corner of our land. Even those still living or preparing their islands for example ORANIA, high-up whites-only residential areas, schools and whites-only estates, etc. How can we bring Restitution & Reconciliation to South Africa if many a South African don’t even know how to address each other in a respectful manner, still calling brown people coloureds “Kleurlinge” since 1948?

The wrath of apartheid left behind a trail of silent killers still operating from their high and mighty towers. Behind their destructive brainwaves and walls. We cannot see them. We feel them in our daily walk of life. We see how they operate. Nobody dares to speak out. Too afraid of loosing their jobs. Too afraid of being chased off from a farmer’s land. Too afraid to STAND UP against the POWER of MONEY!

Look at the faces around meeting tables. Who’s representing who? All races are not represented. Nothing has really changed in the hearts of many South Africans since 1994. The big smiles and arm length distance will not contribute to the healing of wounds in our beloved country.

The Worcester bombing 24th December 1996 came as a shock to our community and the world. This has driven our people apart. TRUST has been broken. I would like to see a story printed in the WORCESTER STANDARD our local newspaper of all 68 victims. Even the families of those who died have a story to tell. We should know of their well being NOW! Did they receive any compensation?

A thought that still haunts me is where were the white people with the packed Memorial Service in the Worcester Town Hall? I think the 7 I’ve counted must have been there on duty. What message was send out?

In Worcester people and organisations are working so far apart from each other that only Restitution & Reconciliation efforts would be able to bridge this lack of interest. Lack of supporting each other. How is it possible that in a small town like Worcester there is for example three different Tourism organisations? What message does this convey to the outside world, the tourists from abroad? We cannot work as one body as ambassador’s for Worcester?

In conclusion I would like to say that all South Africans can restitute and reconcile their hearts by praying on a daily basis to GOD to help changing our country for the better. As humans we will never be able to succeed. ONLY THROUGH GOD THERE IS RESTITUTION, RECONCILIATION AND VICTORY!

© Floris Brown

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