The National Dialogue

Asking South Africans …

The Restitution Foundation’s “National Dialogue” has been rather overtaken by the passionate response to Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s suggestions for a “wealth tax”! The resulting debate illustrates so clearly that finding a way live together in South Africa is painful and contested. Consequently the Restitution Foundation has invited South Africans to participate in a virtual discussion, linked with its ongoing web based National Dialogue, on The role of restitution in South Africa

The intention of the National Dialogue is to get South Africans talking. We need to talk with each other about how we deal with the great inequalities that have been created through our past and our present. We need to think about whether there is a need for restitution or redress to contribute to transition, reconciliation or the achievement of greater social equality. The Foundation is inviting South Africans from all walks of life to join the debate.

Floris Brown,
Worcester Poet, Member of Worcester Hope and Reconciliation Process

The Scars of Apartheid – The Silent Killer
Derrick Naidoo, Coordinator Cape Town Community Healing Network
Restitution vital to avoid an internalised xenophobic outburst
Prof Hans Engdahl,
Department of Theology and Religion, University of the Western Cape
The theological basis for restitution within the South African context
Rev Stephen Brislin,
Catholic Archbishop of Cape Town
Restitution is essential as a basis for the restoration of justice and peace in South Africa
Prof Nico A Botha, Department of Missiology, UNISA
Sacrificing Justice for Cheap Reconciliation
Braam Hanekom, coordinator of PASSOP (People Against Suffering, Oppression and Poverty)
Restitution is not possible before equality
Mzonke Poni, Real restitution is about real dignity for everyone
Jeremy Burnham,
South Africa – a Window of Opportunity
Worcester remembers … and builds hope!
John de Gruchy, Emeritus Professor, University of Cape Town)
Tutu, the wealth tax, and the humanist imperative
Prof Julian Müller,
Deputy Dean, Faculty of Theology, University of Pretoria
Different understandings of the meaning of reconciliation
Canon Rowan Smith,
Dean Emeritus, St George’s Cathedral
Restitution as a way of communicating “true sorryness”
Elize Morkel,
Restitution is about becoming changed as we participate with those that we never even noticed and thereby assisted in robbing of so much
Dr Bongani Finca,
IEC Electoral Officer
The subject of restitution is both complex and controversial. No one is willing to touch it. It has been carefully dropped by all structures of society by the churches, by the organs of state and structures of political engagement, and by civil society in general
Adv Murray Bridgman
– Restitution is essential for a just and lasting peace in South Africa
Deon Snyman,
(Restitution Foundation)
The return of the proverbial bicycle
Dr Braam Hanekom,
Die onlosmaaklikheid van restitusie en versoening
Prof Thias Kgatla,
Faculty of Theology, University of Pretoria
Restitution, Reconciliation and Forgiveness
Rev Dr Thabo Makgoba, Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town
Prof Ernst Conradie,
Department of Religion and Theology, University of the Western Cape
A theological basis for restitution within the South African context
Rev Dr Philip Knutson,
Board Member of the Restitution Foundation
Dr Braam Hanekom
(Moderator, Western & Southern Cape Synod, Dutch Reformed Church)
Restitusie: Vloekwoord of antwoord?
Prof Tinyiko Maluleke,
Unisa – Restitution is about Restoration
Dr Moss Nthla
(Director, The Evangelical Alliance in South Africa)
Dr Mvume Dandala
Land Restitution: the cornerstone for the future of reconciliation in our land
Fr Michael Lapsley,
Healing of Memories
Restitution is not only about saying sorry but doing sorry
Rev Xola Skosana
– Has justice come to South Africa?
Mike Winfield,
CEO Martin and East – Responding to Julius Malema
Sharlene Swartz – Why does South Africa need restitution?
Prof Francis Wilson, University of Cape Town
The three important focus areas of restitution
Prof Jaco-Barnard-Naudé (UCT)
Versoening is om met dit wat onversoenbaar is te versoen
Ahmed Odefunso
Shell’s restitution responsibility to the people living in the Niger Delta of Nigeria
Linda Biehl – Co-founder, Director of the Amy Biehl Foundation USA and the Amy Biehl Foundation Trust SA
Ros Irlam (Administrative Director, Crossing Bridges Africa)
Living a life of Justice and Blessing
David Tolbert, President of the International Center for Transitional Justice, New York
Charles K Robertson CEO, Visual International
Restitution of the heart
Dr Mamphela Ramphele
Restitution as the restoration of the humanity of South Africans
Sarah Crawford-Browne
What is the role of restitution in South Africa?
Lavinia Crawford-Browne
The brightness of a future South Africa depends on our willingness to walk the path of restitution

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