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Restitution vital to avoid an internalised xenophobic outburst – Derrick Naidoo, Coordinator Cape Town Community Healing Network

Firstly, my contribution looks at the level of reconciliation within the single human race. In this context the myth of “races” needs to be challenged vehemently. My understanding is that the past 500 years has been one of intense pain for the all South Africans. The people who traditionally lived in South Africa invited others to share their “home”.  The...

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The Scars of Apartheid – The Silent Killer (Floris Brown, Worcester Poet, Member of Worcester Hope and Reconciliation Process)

So much selfishness. So much hatred. So much revenge. How can we bring Restitution & Reconciliation  to South Africans if some hearts don’t even knows or understand what this is all about? Some minds still wandering off and stick to their “Heil Hitler!” ideas and ideologies. Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s Welfare Taxes could not have come at a more appropriate time...