Why Restitution?

South Africa’s painful past caused many traumatic memories and huge inequalities within societies.

A peaceful future in South Africa is only possible through the healing of traumatic memories related to our racist past and the establishment of a more equal and just South African society.

The Restitution Foundation believes this would be achieved through acts of restitution.

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Who is the Restitution Foundation?

The Restitution Foundation is a Cape Town based non-profit organisation that promotes socio-economic justice, healing and reconciliation through restitution.

Mission: To be a catalyst for Restitution in South Africa.

Vision: To model restitution that will bring justice and healing to the nation.

Background to the Restitution Foundation:

What does the Restitution Foundation do?

The Restitution Foundation follows a “bottom-up” approach in advocating for restitution. It facilitates community-led restitution initiatives which enable societies to determine their own restitution responses to the psychological and socio-economic injustices of colonial and apartheid rule in South Africa.

How does the Restitution Foundation operate?

The Restitution Foundation is since July 2009 facilitating the development and implementation of a community-led restitution model in the Town of Worcester. This work led to the establishment of the Worcester Hope and Reconciliation Process (WHRP). The WHRP has the support of Worcester residents from all backgrounds and in 2013 the Executive Mayor of Worcester identified it as the town’s flagship project.

The community-led restitution work in Worcester focuses on the development of processes in support of the community’s recovering from traumatic memories and socio-economic injustices associated with South Africa’s racist past.

The Restitution Foundation uses the community-led restitution model in Worcester as a catalytic tool to mobilise other South African towns to develop their own community-led restitution interventions.

2016 Restitution Conference

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